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AHNEN. Ich hab kein Vogel,
ich hab mehrere II

Radio Play
Composition & Sounds 

Audio Play

NNOI Festival

The family roots of a family are one thing. In this case, they include Ural Russians, Polish Jews, East Frisians, Lübeckers, Mecklenburgers, as well as later Danes and Swedes, and a North German grandfather. Thanks to his memories of Hamburg as a child and youth, which he wrote down in the early 1980s as a retiring East Berliner looking back, access to a Hamburg between 1906 and 1918 is opened up. With sensitivity and anecdotes, he brings to mind places and situations, social, political and cultural issues.

[low frequencies - Headphones or system are recommended]

The imagined reliving of a Hamburg of yesteryear raises questions. How do we live with the memories of our ancestors, how do we deal with them without destroying, glossing over or simply dismissing them? It is also about the fragility of memories, and about shifts in their evaluation. Don't older people in particular feel the need to reconcile themselves with memories and let them appear in a milder light? And against this background, what do we do with our own, sometimes contradictory feelings and perceptions?

The audio piece is the first result of a joint, open working process between burgund t brandt, Daniel Kupferberg, Theda Weber-Lucks and Nadelør. Visual artist Daniel Kupferberg researched texts and locations during an artist residency in Hamburg in autumn 2020. The recordings for the audio piece were made by him in spring 2021. In various readings together with vocal performer Theda Weber-Lucks, the text was developed and explored in terms of content and sound.

research & text editing: Daniel Kupferberg 
speech-recordings & sound explorations:Theda Weber-Lucks and Daniel Kupferberg
composition & production:burgund t brandt
instrumental music, sounds & noise:Nadelør

The production of the radio play was made possible by a grant from the Musikfonds e.V. as part of the programme Neustart Kultur 2020/21.