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Klangtour Kunst

Conception + Production  
April 2022
KLANGTOUR KUNST is an audio walk which was developed and implemented on behalf of the UNESCO World Heritage Zeche Zollverein. The aim was to create an individual approach to art, nature and history at Zollverein for a broad audience. In a research process lasting several weeks, we participated in guided tours, made sound samples, field recordings, interviews and sound compositions and put them together in an audiowalk.

The audiowalk is now part of the Foundation's education program since April 2022 and provides information and artistic access to the sculptures, artworks, the flora and fauna of the site and the history of mining on an auditory and performative level.

conception & realization: Amelie Neumann & Jonas Petry
graphic design: Fabian Gampp 
head of technical implementation: Nicola Schlitzer
project management: Carla Zimmermann
release: April 2022
photos: Sven Lorenz
duration: customizable (between 5min and 2,5 hrs.)
reception location: Zollverein Essen, Germany