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is an electro-acoustic live performance duo consisting of the sound artist burgund t brandt and the multi-instrumentalist Nime based in Leipzig (Germany). In their joint project, the duo is dedicated to exploring different acoustic spaces, focussing on the tension between artificial and naturalistic sounds through time expansion, atmospheres and harmonies. In the process, polyrhythmic and microtonal sound dynamics interweave in a perpetual process of recurrence composed of fine percussion, fragile abstract vocal sounds as well as electroacoustic transformations of sound objects through delay, pitch shifting, feedback, and panning.

Since mid-2020 they performed at ROTA Festival (Blanca, Spain), Tesla FM / RAI (Barcelona, Spain), Cobra Jaune (Brussels), Temporarium (Leipzig), Morphine Raum (Berlin), Das Bedürfnis (Halle), (Berlin), NNOI Festival (Großwoltersdorf), Eins Zu Eins Festival (Berlin), Sphere Radio Container (Leipzig), among others. In 2022, they developed the audio walk "Klangtour Kunst" on behalf of the "UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein" in Essen, radio shows for Meakusma Festival 2022 in Eupen (Belgium) and composed for short films, radio and theatre plays.

Their music has been presented by Prepaid Records, Carte Branche, RADIO 80000, in some shows on Cashmere Radio such as DIY Church, Mount Wobble and other programmes, Sphere Radio, Studio Néau, among others. In 2021 they received an ensemble grant from Musikfonds e.V. and released a live tape on Prepaid Records.

burgund t brandt alias Amelie Neumann is a musician, sound thinker and artist living in Leipzig. She creates installations, performances and compositions in the field of tension within visual and auditory perception. For this purpose, she explores and transforms the relationship of the in-between under aspects of performative listening in theory and practice. Her working method can be described as a playful dissection of the everyday, in particular the inherent instabilities of human(ity), natural(ity), communication and medium. In reception, this often leads to experiences of coming into contact, whereby one's own body is given the opportunity to become a place where listening becomes perceptible as an individual resonance space.
Nime alias Jonas Petry is a multi-instrumentalist and composer living in Leipzig. His musical interests include the exploration, transformation and modification of timbres as well as rhythmic interweaving. His repertoire consists of prepared drums, sensory percussion, field recordings, piano, daf, tonbak as well as natural and synthetic found objects. In addition to Nadelør, he was a member of the band Welten from 2016 to 2023. He also realized various sound installations and compositions for theater productions. For his musical work, he received a scholarship from Musikfonds e.V. in 2022 and 2023 as well as a scholarship from the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony in 2023.