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consists of multi-instrumentalist, sound artist and composer Nime and sound, performance and media artist burgund t brandt. In their live performances, the duo is dedicated to explorations of acustic spaces, ideas of electroacoustic and post-serial music in the tradition of musique informelle.
burgund t brandt alias Amelie Neumann is a sound, performance and media artist based in Hamburg. She creates installations, performances, compositions and video works that focus on the field of tension of visual and auditory perception. She explores and transforms the intrinsic relationships of the in-between under aspects of performative listening. In her work she dissects the instabilities of human communication and medium. This results in experiences of coming into contact, the touch of object and reflection, whereby the own body becomes a place where events can be perceived as an individual resonance space and its effects.

Nime alias Jonas Petry is a multi-instrumentalist, sound artist and composer based in Leipzig. In addition to his solo project Nime, he is part of the band Welten and collaborates with various artists in the context of contemporary experimental music. His musical attitude could be described as a sensitive mediation between familiar perceptions and their imaginative alienation. He uses prepared percussion and piano, Daf, Tombak, other keyboard and string instruments.

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