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           ROTA Festival, AADK Spain, Blanca (2023) • Our small music tour ended in 2023 at ROTA Festival at AADK Spain in Blanca - between rough mountains, glittering water, yellow sun and the scent of oranges and lemons.

          Temporarium, Leipzig (2023) 

           Morphine Records / Raum, Berlin (2023) • On July 15th at Morphine Records / Raum in Berlin, we closed our recording session with a live concert performance alongside ARBORE a duo project by Laure Boer and Diane Barbé.

           PPR52, Aquarium, Prepaid Records, Leipzig (2022) •  In November 2022, Nadelør performed an electro-acoustic improvisation at the Leipzig-based label Prepaid Records and recorded a live tape called PPR52. »Expect dime-like drumworks, exceptionally close voice-fragmented bass & long-delayed liquids.« Link

           Eins Zu Eins Festival, Berlin (2020) •  Eins Zu Eins Festival combines theater, performance, music, visual arts and discourse in a festival on the site of the former mint of the GDR, ALTE MÜNZE BERLIN and deals with the historical event of the disappearance.

           NNOI Festival, Großwoltersdorf (2020) • NNOI Festival für 12,756 Tonmusik is a festival of experimental contemporary music and performance art. It takes place annually - 70 kilometers north of Berlin. We were part of the fifth edition.